Can Öztürk

Hey there, it's your boy Taisheen, AKA Can Öztürk! I'm a professional gamer and currently playing for SCARZ, one of the top esports organizations out there. I've been part of some of the best teams in the industry, including North and Mikkel, Can & Dan, and I've made a name for myself as a top player in "Apex Legends." As a writer for GS4DL, I share my expertise and insights on various games, but I love diving deep into the world of "Apex Legends" and sharing all my secrets with my readers. With my experience as a professional player, I bring a unique perspective to the table that can help all levels of gamers up their game. With total winnings of $138,782, you can bet I know a thing or two about making it big in the esports industry. And as someone with dual German/Turkish nationality, I bring a little bit of extra flavor to everything I do. So, if you want to hear from one of the best players out there, look no further than your boy Taisheen.