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Hey there, it's your boy Taisheen, AKA Can Öztürk! I'm a professional gamer and currently playing for SCARZ, one of the top esports organizations out there. I've been part of some of the best teams in the industry, including North and Mikkel, Can & Dan, and I've made a name for myself as a top player in "Apex Legends." As a writer for GS4DL, I share my expertise and insights on various games, but I love diving deep into the world of "Apex Legends" and sharing all my secrets with my readers. With my experience as a professional player, I bring a unique perspective to the table that can help all levels of gamers up their game. With total winnings of $138,782, you can bet I know a thing or two about making it big in the esports industry. And as someone with dual German/Turkish nationality, I bring a little bit of extra flavor to everything I do. So, if you want to hear from one of the best players out there, look no further than your boy Taisheen.
I'm Julien Verrier, aka "Lerabinou," a retired professional gamer and esports expert from France. With over three years of experience, including top teams like "Got2Game" and "Les cités de France," I have established myself as a formidable force in competitive gaming. As a writer for GS4DL, my articles provide valuable insights, expert opinions, and unique perspectives on various games, particularly "Apex Legends." My total winnings of $21,500 and European perspective make my contributions to the gaming industry highly sought after.
Hey, it's Stookbeer, a retired professional "League of Legends" player from the Netherlands. As a writer for GS4DL, I'm excited to share my deep understanding and passion for the game with players of all levels. With my experience playing as a support player for the team HEET and my favorite champions being Pyke and Bard, I hope to provide valuable insights and tips to help players improve their skills and strategies. So whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, join me as we explore the exciting world of "League of Legends" together.

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As someone who’s always been interested in gaming but never knew where to start, I stumbled upon GS4DL and I’m so glad I did. The website is a treasure trove of gaming knowledge that’s easy to navigate, with articles that are not only informative but also entertaining to read. I’ve learned so much about gaming from their guides and walkthroughs, and I’ve discovered new games to play thanks to their news and reviews. The team at GS4DL clearly knows their stuff and they have a genuine passion for gaming that shines through in their content. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting out like me, GS4DL is the perfect website to help you level up your gaming skills.